The spatial AI platform
for retail.

The Convergent platform for retail lets you reduce training costs and time spent on tasks through the use of shared augmented reality.

The Convergent spatial computing platform for retail helps empower your staff with digital information anchored in physical space. Our powerful tool allows retail take take control at reducing training costs and of time spent on tasks, stockouts and critical communication errors.

Thanks to our domain-based positioning system, getting started is easy and setup and maintenance can be done by your local staff.

Our unique solutions are powered by the posemesh, a decentralized and privacy-preserving protocol for collaborative spatial computing.

Shelf-level navigation.
Search lets you map your inventory to individual racks and shelves so that even first day staff can have an intimate knowledge of every item's placement. No backend integration is required to get started, it only uses the smartphone in your pocket and a barcode scanner, and can be set up in a single day.

Route optimisation.
Help your pickers fetch online orders faster with route optimisation. Search can shave minutes off of each order by finding the shortest path between unsorted lists of items. Protect and improve your margins by giving your the staff the superpower of Search.

Simple setup.
Getting started requires no backend integration, and you can be up and running already on the first day. Thanks to the collaborative spatial computing of Convergent, your own local staff can add SKUs to shelves together simply by scanning barcodes in place. A team of four beginners can map an entire supermarket in a single morning. Ask us about integrating with your ESL or backend for an even more powerful platform.


Private sticky notes for staff.

Streamline everyday retail tasks with the well-placed reminders and annotations enabled by notes. Putting information in its right physical context means your staff can communicate more effectively, even across distances without having to find each other.

Incident handling.
Responding to incidents in a timely manner is key to making sure the shopper experience is not disrupted. The ability to leave spatial notes lets you quickly annotate the incident so that the appropriate party can find and rectify the issue faster than ever, without miscommunication.

Smooth delegation.
When a senior staff members finds a task to be done, notes lets them place the task or reminder at its correct location so that the relevant staff member can find and fix the issue independently. This keeps every staff member moving at the right pace, and prevents needless searches and distractions.

Private and multi-lingual.
With private layers for sensitive tasks and notes, your whole store becomes a canvas for insight without compromising on your store's layout and look and feel. Unlimited notes in space, in private layers, in the appropriate languages for diverse work environments means you can communicate without compromise.

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