Share your vision.

Build and connect your own custom applications to the posemesh with the ConjureKit SDK for Unity.

Shared AR allows you to manifest your knowledge and imagination in the minds of others with unparalleled clarity. The posemesh enables truly social augmented reality experiences, thanks to its seamless low-latency multiplayer support, domain-based persistence and powerful spatial computing features like monocular hand tracking.

The ConjureKit for Unity lets you build and connect your own applications and experiences to the posemesh, so that you can share your vision.

Domain persistence

Bring the power of augmented reality to complex indoor spaces like museums, malls or warehouses without the complicated and invasive process of a making a digital twin.

Social calibration

Let your users calibrate into the experience by simply scanning another participant's device with the patent pending instant calibration feature. Shared augmented reality has never been this accessible.

Seamless multiplayer

Create shared augmented reality experiences with real-time networking powered by the posemesh. Your users automatically get routed to hyperlocal servers across a world-spanning decentralized network.

Domain persistence

Turn your indoor spaces into a canvas.

Posemesh domains are the fastest and most privacy-preserving way to anchor digital information in physical space. Create a shared, app-agnostic and persistent marker-based coordinate system by placing lighthouse QR codes that serve as discovery points and calibration references for any number of connecting applications, devices or robots.

Simple setup.
Creating a domain is as easy as placing your lighthouse QR codes and using the Domain Management Tool application to measure their relative distance. Creating a shared and persistent coordinate system takes minutes, and does not require the 3D scanning of your environment or uploading a digital twin to someone else's cloud.

Direct discovery.
Your lighthouse QR codes can dynamically redirect scanning devices to any experience, application or website you choose, making discovery easier than ever. First time visitors to your space can be brought directly to the relevant app store through the same marker that calibrates the device into the coordinate system, and calibration happens instantly without having to download or upload digital twin data.

The posemesh allows you to host your own domain data, so that you can feel safe that your data is not being used or resold for ad targeting purposes. Domains are perfect for indoor and private spaces where there is an expectation of privacy.

Social calibration

Instant multiplayer anywhere.

Thanks to our patent-pending instant calibration technique, multiple devices can create a shared coordinate system in a single second without having to pre-scan the environment or comparing scene reconstructions. This lets users bring the magic of AR to wherever they are, without having to seek our predetermined supported locations for the experience.

Centimeter precision.
Achieve centimeter accuracy even from peer calibrations thanks to the advanced collaborative spatial computing heuristics built into the ConjureKit SDK. The low-latency networking of the posemesh allows two or more devices that establish a shared coordinate system on the fly, using each other as reference markers.

Made for Unity.
The ConjureKit was made with Unity developers in mind, and brings both power and simplicity to development process. Create shared and interoperable experiences for both iOS and Android, handhelds and wearables, and augment Unity's already powerful AR abilities with state of the art collaborative spatial computing.

Seamless multiplayer

Manifest the imagination.

The ConjureKit allows your Unity applications to communicate over the hyperlocal low-latency network of the posemesh. Hundreds of decentralized real-time servers running on hardware near you means your users can experience fast, stable and immersive multiplayer.

The Hagall network.
The networking substrate of the posemesh protocol is the powerful Hagall network. Designed for real-time collaborative spatial computing, this real-time networking service helps devices find the closest and most performant microserver near them to facilitate each session. Perfect for use cases where low latency is crucial, the posemesh provides lightning fast connectivity for immersive experiences.

Share your vision.

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