Create an AR map of your space to help your visitors get the most of your event, office or retail space. Precise positioning and shareable navigation links fundamentally change how visitors find what they need, when they need it.

For Events

How do I find you? I'm at the expo hall. How many visitors never make it? A browsable directory, spotlights for upcoming events, and sharable navigation links are three powerful new ways for your exhibitors and guests to never miss a connection opportunity.

For Retail

Help your customers find what they need. The Gotu directory and UI provide exciting new ways to promote and discover retail opportunities.

For Offices

Every visitor comes with a goal, and time is limited. Always finding what you're looking for in a radically new office directory navigation system.

Case Study

A behind the scenes of Auki Labs attending Hong Kong FinTech Week

The Hong Kong FinTech Week boasted 14000 attendees, hundreds of vendors and 17000 sqm of jam-packed event space. Gotu was used to help visitors make the most of the event, generate media attention, and establish HKFTW as a future-forward event. Setup took place the day before opening, deploying 110 custom lighthouses and using only 250kb of mapping data. The lightweight map allowed Gotu to help guests even during peak congestion when internet was the least reliable.

Help visitors and staff navigate to the right exhibitor or amenity as quickly as possible, with route optimization and step by step navigation.

Your portal QR codes can dynamically redirect scanning devices to any experience, application or website you choose, making discovery easier than ever. First time visitors to your space can be brought directly to the relevant app store through the same marker that calibrates the device into the coordinate system, and calibration happens instantly without having to download or upload digital twin data.

The posemesh allows you to host your own domain data, so that you can feel safe that your data is not being used or resold for ad targeting purposes. Domains are perfect for indoor and private spaces where there is an expectation of privacy.

Help visitors and staff navigate to the right exhibitor or amenity as quickly as possible, with route optimization and step by step navigation.

Setup Process

Straightforward setup process

Gotu uses the posemesh for precise and privacy-preserving indoor positioning, allowing faster setup, cheaper deployment, and more reliable performance in challenging internet conditions. Gotu only uses a simple spatio-semantic representation of your event venue, rather than a full digital twin, reducing both setup time and cloud compute resources.

Placing portals.
Portal QR codes are placed across the venue, serving as calibration markers and entry points to the navigation system. The lighthouses help redirect visitors to the Gotu app or a website of your choice for efficient discovery and onboarding. We recommend placing them every few meters, or on each booth and vendor, so visitors can spontaneously and easily connect to the experience at any moment.

Mapping the event.
Once the coordinate system has been established, points of interest and walkable areas are defined in an easy-to-use interface, and vendor and event information is populated from your existing event data.

Using QR codes instead of spatial anchors reduces the complexity and fragility of the positioning solution, and allows for compressed spatio-semantic representation of the space. Rather than a hefty digital twin, your domain consists of points of interest, portals and a 2D map of walkable areas. As a result, calibration and navigation is fast and reliable, using only kilobytes to express the entire event venue.

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