The spatial AI
platform for retail.

The Cactus platform for retail lets you reduce training costs and time spent on tasks through the use of augmented reality, spatial computing and artificial intelligence.

Powered by the posemesh.

Bring the
benefits of AI
to retail.

Staff training, knowledge transfer and frontline communications are uniquely challenging in the dynamic environment of retail.

With staff turnover levels over 60% annually, retailers find it particularly difficult to keep their operational knowledge base up to date.

What if you could empower each store associate with a personal AI assistant? Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming the world’s most productive and cost-effective knowledge worker, but since AI can only understand digital things its reach is limited to digital business like eCommerce.

Recent advances in spatial computing, and the invention of the posemesh, makes it possible for AI to join the retail frontlines for the first time - because physical business needs spatial AI.

"We save fifteen minutes per employee per day just on handovers."

-Head of Sales, Stora COOP Visby

Task management for
the retail floor.

No more thorny

It’s not easy to pass the baton when your shift ends, or to pick up where others left off when your shift starts.

Cactus lets you create detailed tasks with photos, description and precise location so that handovers are smoother than ever.

Case study

Create habits that

Keeping track of recurring tasks is difficult across shifts, teams and new staff members.

Cactus lets you create recurring reminders that are automatically assigned to relevant team members depending on who’s available that day.

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"They don’t need to come find us managers to ask what needs to get done, they just grab a phone."

-Team Leader, Stora COOP Visby

Meet your hybrid

A third eye on your

Cactus can analyze the video feed from your staff’s handheld devices, your in-store cameras, and our upcoming camera wearable to automatically detect critical issues, stockouts and areas of improvement.

Cactus can even intelligently guide your staff members to collect more data where needed, so that your store’s digital map is always up to date.

Disclaimer: The hardware form factor is for illustration purposes only and subject to change.

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A guiding hand for
low-skill staff.

The retail sector is one of the world’s largest equitable hirers for people with low skill and cognitive impairments.

Giving your workers a personal AI assistant brings out the best in everyone, and reduces moments of frustration and confusion.

Cactus provides AI-generated guidance that increases your workforce’s productivity, initiative and confidence.

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"You save time and get to spend that time on the customer instead."

-Head of Sales, Stora COOP Visby

AR navigation and
digital maps.

An otherworldly

Retail is a dynamic environment, and store layouts change frequently.

Knowing where things are is not easy, especially for newer staff members.

Cactus makes it easier than ever to create and manage a digital map of your products, complete with AR navigation, so that even first day staff can find what they’re looking for in seconds.

Case study

Take fewer

The typical store associate takes up to 20,000 steps per day, and spends about a third of their shift walking between tasks and products.

Cactus can optimize your route for picking orders, which can reduce the walking distance by more than half.

Fewer steps taken and less time searching means more margin left on each order.

Feature: Coming soon

"Now everything runs perfectly. All the tasks get completed, and they get done correctly."

-Head of Sales, Stora COOP Visby

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