Spatial Computing in Retail

August 3, 2023
Manifesting digital information in physical space with the posemesh.
Manifesting digital information in physical space with the posemesh.

The posemesh enables new levels of precision and collaboration in spatial computing and augmented reality.

One industry certain to be disrupted by the ability to manifest digital information in physical space is retail, where retailers can finally deploy the arsenal of ecommerce in their physical stores — keeping the best of both worlds.

Augmented reality in retail environments allows for improved discovery, search and personalisation unconstrained by the limits of print — previously superpowers unique to ecommerce.

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About Auki Labs

Auki Labs is at the forefront of spatial computing, pioneering the convergence of the digital and physical to give people and their devices a shared understanding of space for seamless collaboration.

With a focus on user-centric design and privacy, Auki Labs empowers industries and individuals to embrace the transformative potential of spatial computing, enhancing productivity, engagement, and human connection.

Auki Labs is building the posemesh, a decentralized spatial computing protocol for AR, the metaverse, and smart cities.

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