Machine proprioception.

The posemesh will be the foundational protocol for positioning, the metaverse, and AI’s ability to perceive and interact with the world on Earth and beyond.

When the world transitioned from

The Device

The Convergent spatial computing platform for retail introduces four powerful AR applications that increase staff efficiency, improve knowledge transfer, and reduce training costs and time spent on tasks.

The Network

The ConjureKit SDK for Unity lets you build and connect your own custom applications to the posemesh so that you can take advantage of collaborative spatial computing, persistent AR, and low latency networking.

The Domain

Built for AR, robotics and AI, our decentralized and blockchain-enabled spatial computing protocol was designed to bring collaborative and privacy-preserving machine proprioception to the next 100 billion devices.

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A thousand years ago there was a poem so ancient that it survived into at least three languages. From our modern vantage point and consciousness its contents may seem almost mundane but it was most likely a sacred and important part of life for generations reaching back into the early fog of history.


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