Case study: Retail task management

Stora COOP Visby is an award-winning flagship store known for its innovative and environmentally friendly operations. Boasting over 5,000 square meters of sales floor, many dozens of employees and over 24,000 SKUs, Stora COOP Visby was the perfect partner for testing the future of retail task management.

The pilot was a resounding success, with clearly observed time savings, productivity increases and morale improvements. Associates using our task management completed more tasks, were more engaged at work, were less likely to feel overwhelmed, and saw daily time savings. Stora COOP was able to change their routines for the better, even eliminating a daily recurring meeting entirely thanks to improved asynchronous communication.

Important to note also was that productivity and performance was improved for associates with cognitive impairments, showing how spatial computing and AI can empower everyone.

Save time.

After four months of usage, COOP reports that the average user saves at least 15 minute per day. Smoother handovers, with fewer misunderstandings, was a leading cause of time savings.

Do more.

COOP also reported seeing productivity and performance increases owed to improved motivation and morale. Associates competed with each other, and were less likely to feel overwhelmed by complex task lists.


Staff members with cognitive impairments saw the largest performance increase. Our task management system allows complex tasks and sequences to be communicated more clearly. As a result, managers reported fewer mistakes and more productivity.

Fewer meetings.

After the first month of piloting, Stora COOP Visby had already eliminated one daily recurring meeting. Shifts used to start with a handover meeting, but our task management made it easy to leave detailed notes, descriptions and navigational aids, removing the need for the meeting.

"You save time and get to spend that time on the customer instead."

-Head of Sales, Stora COOP Visby

"You can tell that the guy that struggled with lists is performing better. But there are others that have really picked up the pace, too."

-Team Leader, Stora COOP Visby

"Now everything runs perfectly. All the tasks get completed, and they get done correctly."

-Head of Sales, Stora COOP Visby

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